"If you are a victim of sexual assault you may be feeling very alone, and facing some difficult decisions about where to go and what to do to get help. The Tri-Parish Victims assistance Rape Crisis Program has been established to support you throughout this very difficult time. It takes enormous courage to even talk about this experience, and it is important to remember that you are not to blame. The rapist is solely responsible for the crime that was committed against you."


Scott M. Perrilloux
District Attorney

The District Attorney's Rape Crisis Program provides direct service to victims of sexual assault in the following ways...




An advocate is assigned by the District Attorney to each case. This advocate is the intermediary between the victim and the criminal justice system. An advocate is always available, both inside and outside the courtroom, to answer questions about your case, and provide information about the court process.



An advocate will keep you notified throughout the criminal court process. Written notification will inform you of upcoming court dates. This is an easy, convenient way to monitor your case. Most of the criminal court hearings do not require the presence of the victim. 



An advocate is available to escort you into the courtroom, and provide emotional support throughout the court process. A waiting area outside the courtroom may also be arranged at your request.



Through our outreach program, advocates provide information to other agencies to coordinate all services available to victims. Advocates may also be available to provide information seminars to schools, churches, civic organizations and health care agencies.



Our Rape Crisis Program offers counseling at no cost to sexual assault victims. Counseling is conducted in a safe, non-advertised location, and is facilitated by a qualified counselor.