Felony, Misdemeanor,
and Juvenile Prosecution

If you are a victim of a crime, we believe that you have rights. Our Tri-Parish Victims Assistance Program is available to provide information and emotional support as your case proceeds through the criminal court system. We aim to assist victims of violent crime by providing direct services to victims in need. This may include advocacy, emotional support, accompaniment in court proceedings, referrals to other agencies for assistance, and current information regarding case status.

Felony Charges

A felony is any crime for which an offender may be sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor.

Misdemeanor Charges

A misdemeanor is a crime for which the maximum possible punishment is incarceration for less than one year and/or a fine.

Juvenile Charges

The juvenile division handles criminal matters involving individuals under the age of 18-years-old, with the exception of some serious violent crimes. Please contact our juvenile division for more information at (985) 345-8283.